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We cover a wide range of cleaning services, call for a quote, or look at our price guide below. All prices include VAT. These prices are just a guide a free no-obligation quote will be provided, with pre-inspection and fibre testing. The minimum cleaning charge is £35.

Sofas Cloths/Leather

Armchair: £15.00

Sofa 2 Seats: £20.00

Stools & Chair.: £6.00 

Wet Clean/Leather Armchair: 

Sofa 2 Seats: £40

Stools & Chair.£10,00 


Deep Dry Vac: DDV

DDV: £3.00/m2

DDV & Shampoo: £4,50/m2

Intense Clean: £5.50/m2

Stairs: £2.50/Step



Single £15.00

Double £25.00

DDV & Sanitation & Stain Removal

Single £30.00

Double £45.00



Unlined £2.50/2m

Lined £3.50/m2

Thermal/Blackout £4.50/m2

Roman Blinds 2.50/m2

Sheers £2.00/m2

Pelmets starting from £5.00/m

About Us

Buffer Boys

Professional Cleaning Service Company Buffer Boys has been in operation in the UK and Malta for over 20 years, since then we have been 'wow-ing' everyone we meet, with our quality, Professionalism and outstanding service. We ensure that our cleaners are dedicated experts in both customer service and Professional Cleaning before they are allowed into the field. This ensures that the expectations set by Buffer Boys are maintained to the highest standards; therefore our clients only ever experience excellence. Buffer Boys use the latest state of the art, revolutionary deep dry cleaning system imported from the USA. We use this system in conjunction with our natural Biodegradable shampoo and the dissolving agents that are all made in-house. These Safe, efficient and effective Products are what is used to Clean, Restore and Sanitise Upholstery, Mattresses, Fabrics, Carpets & Curtains. We use a separate process with very effective Products when Cleaning, Restoring and Protecting Leather Upholstery. 

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Call for a FREE no-obligation demonstration today of our unique cleaning systems and services for landlord's hotels and businesses.

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